Mrs. Negligent here. But this time I have an excuse

NOTHING has been going on, unless you count tending to the sick and out and out hospice care. I had a very sick Mr. yesterday and I’m staying home today to make sure he’s doing ok. Our little Razz is got some horrible wasting disease that’s making him lose protein. We put him on steroids to help him out, but even though it’s doing a great job at bolstering his system, it won’t cure him. We also found out yesterday that Taco Girl has some constipation problem that, in the words of the vet, “constipation can kill a cat.” She’s getting some sort of fiber pill and kitty Dulcolax.

Look! My boy Razz with actual proof that I can knit! Excuse the demon eyes.

Taco back in her sassy days.

Knitting news: All work on the Scarf of Wonder came to a screeching halt as I made yet another baby kimono, a set of coasters for a gift, and some socks for my sister. I’m looking forward to finishing up the socks any time now so I can return to my scarf. So much knitting, so little time!

Work news: Ugh. Boring. Saw an RV with a Mercedes chassis that cost over $100k. See the fish house post for rant about people with too much money to spend on toys.

LOTRO, aka Lord of the Rings Online: I’ve been playing the crap out of this game recently. If you’re not into MMORPG’s you’d never understand, but here are a couple of screen shots and maybe you’ll at least get an appreciation for the artwork that goes into making a game like this:

An Open Hearth Night at the Prancing Pony

There’s a system in game that allows you to write music. The guy with the lute was performing Jim Croce songs and original compositions. It was really cool and I was very impressed by his arrangements. He even had a script set up to post the lyrics in time to the music. There was also an elf who kept doing some sort of dance. For supposedly being an elusive people, they sure like to be the center of attention.

I encountered this little rascal outside the town of Bree:

Hey! Off the table!

If only you could shear sheep and knit in the game. Then I’d have an excuse as to why I’m not getting more knitting (among other things) done in real life.

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Fish Houses

Here’s something that really got under my skin at work – Fish Houses. Those crappy little shacks you see on frozen lakes to shelter you from the cold while you sit on your ass, alternate between drinking coffee and beer, listening to AM radio with a fishing line inserted in a hole you cut through the ice hoping to catch some stupid, starving fish, although you’re really just out there avoiding your chores at home? Yeah, those. I’m guessing the first fish houses were actually refrigerator boxes that some genius dragged out there until he figured out he (yes, HE) could just drive his damn truck out there. And yes, I know I’m totally ignoring the Inuit history. Go start your own blog if you want to mine that lode. Here’s a cute little place you can sit in to keep the wind from freezing your nuts off.

I can dig this. Just keeping the draft away

Well let me tell you the fish house has evolved from those humble utilitarian beginnings to what might be the pinnacle of debauchery. Forget the cute little wooden structures, forget even the little travel trailers with holes in the bottom for easy access and behold the 21st century fish house in all its glory and wonder.

Holy Cow.

This is more tricked out than my house.

These aren’t even the good pictures. If you really want to see some fish house porn, check out this link: You may want to send small children out of the room. It’s really smutty.

People can’t find jobs and are being evicted from their homes and yet I processed about 10 of these fuckers  last week. In case you’re interested, they run about $12 – $15k. If you have that kind of money to jerk off every weekend on a frozen lake and worse, that’s what you choose to do with your time and money, you should rethink your priorities.

If there are any ice fishers who read my blog, shame on you and go frak yourselves.

More crazy people at work. This woman was telling me about the weekend trip to Fanny Hill Dinner Theater (Eau Claire, WI) she had planned for her husband’s 40th birthday. She was all excited, which is to be expected, but one of her thrills was knowing she was going to see a “clean show.” When I queried her further (yes, I know this is where the trouble starts), she informed me that she hated all the “dirty stuff” they added to plays these days to make them modern. When I asked for an example she described a production of Jesus Christ Superstar she saw where the director put in all sorts of smut. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Did he add dialogue? Write a new song to throw in there?” I never got a clear answer from her, and knowing the play/musical/opera as I do I didn’t think it was likely that the director added new content. All I could imagine is that Mary Magdalene was blowing Jesus whilst singing “I don’t know how to love him.” Perhaps it was done behind a scrim – Mary out front singing the song, Jesus asleep, with this fantasy dream sequence going on behind her a la the dream sequence from Oklahoma! Call me a sicko, but that’s a production of JCSS I’d sign up for.

Also found out that Chatty Cathy is not only annoying but delusional as well. He was telling people that he was put into a special class and was assisting the management team in auditing our procedures and refining them. First of all, he started after I did, and he still hasn’t been allowed to take his training wheels off and not have all his work checked before he can ship it off to be processed. I’m sure what really happened is that he talked to our supervisor about procedures and was told that the management team welcomed any comments or suggestions that could make things more efficient and accurate (aka the get-out-of-my-office-and-do-some-fucking-work-brush-off).

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Wow. Life got boring when I got a real job

Seriously – Go to work. Come home. Knit a little. Play computer games. Go to bed. That’s pretty much been my life.

I’m sad to report I won’t be selling at art crawl this weekend. I just couldn’t get enough things made in the month or so since Tina invited me. I could have maybe done it, but the 2 – yes only 2 hats I finished both gave me fits and I only finished the 2nd one last night. As per usual I don’t have photos of them to post, but I’ll get to it. The second hat in particular is super cute.

I stopped working on my scarf of dreams to knit for art crawl, so I’m still in the second round. I’ll have a picture of that too.

Job – Meh. It’s way better than revenue, but I’m definitely a cog in a very big machine. The one friend I made is on an “indefinite leave for personnel reasons,” which probably means she was let go for doing something. It’s probably for the best, because I found out that what was making her fun and interesting was actually connected to her being kind of crazy – and not the good crazy. So yes, as per usual, I hook up with the batshit person out of a sea of normal people. I think it must be because I gravitate to people I find interesting only to learn that what I find interesting in others has a dark side. I know I’m crazy too, but it’s a fun crazy. I’m sure there are people reading this that may not agree with this assessment. Feel free to reveal yourselves and call me out. It would make the comments interesting at least.

Computer games – I have 2 games I regularly play – The Sims 3 and Lord of the Rings Online. I was way into my Sims for a couple of months, but the need to kill orcs, wargs and goblins overtook me so I’ve been back in LOTRO. I know I’m really too old for this shit, but I have a theory about how one’s maturity remains elusive if you don’t have kids yourself.

I think part of what draws me to video games is the artwork and my amazement of at what it takes to create games. Say what you like, but these things are beautiful to look at and interacting with and effecting the environment from the other side of a screen is just mind blowing for me. Add to that benchmarks to check progress in skills and abilities, meeting people, crafting objects in the game and playing house (a house you don’t have to clean, mind you) one can find themselves entertained for a good while.

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It seemed like a good answer at the time

I’m sure if they would have changed out of their jammies and put on street clothes, the cops would have bought it.

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Art Crawl

My friend Texas Tina has invited me to once again ply my wares at her studio during the Fall Art Crawl. I really had a great time and even made some money last time. Given the income shrinkage I’ve experienced, anything is a cause for celebration.

The bigger cause for celebration is getting to spend time with Tina. She was our neighbor when we lived in the artist co-op. We don’t see each other very much but when we do it’s like no time has passed.

Hooray for friends!

So I must go into production mode and make some stuff. Hats seemed to be the best seller last time, which is great because they knit up so fast. It will also be a great way to use up my stash. I’m always looking for ways to do that.

I’m hoping to do the state fair on Tuesday night. Steely Dan is playing at the grandstand and even though I’m too cheap to pay to sit inside to sort of see them waaaaaaay out there, we can find a place to sit and steal music the old fashioned way.

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Best news item I’ve seen in a long time

Now, why don’t I know anyone who would do this???

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An FO, a Start and a Stop

As you may or may not know, my new employer, the State of Minnesota has shut down all non-critical offices until the babies up on the hill pass a budget. Yes, that means I’m on the bench again.


In other, much more happy news, Here is a photo of the latest baby kimono I’ve made for my new colleague Nichole. She’s very nice and was so touched she just about cried when she opened the gift bag, and now we’re pals who chat at work. Mission accomplished! I also learned that a former work mate from the forum just had a new little girl, so number 4 is right around the corner. I’m hoping that maybe I won’t freak out when I get the first sleeve halfway done and trust the pattern as it does work just fine.

Mason Dixon baby kimono no. 3

And my yarn porn scarf. It’s moving right along and I’m having a pretty easy time of it. Seriously, if you haven’t tried Faire Isle, you’re missing out.  It’s really not that hard, and the results are quite amazing for such the simple amount of counting. Behold:

Rowan scarf photo

30 or so rows in. The hardest part is keeping the yarn untangled.


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Knitting Teaser

I started my yarn port scarf. As you may recall, I posted the cover of Rowan 48. If you don’t remember, let me refresh your memory:Knitting Porn

OK, this may or may not have worked.  If I borked the image, I’ll fix it when I get home or something. The interwebs at this here Caribou is cranky and I can’t preview. ANYWAY. The scarf this impossibly beautiful model is wearing is currently on my needles. I am not making this up. The amazing thing is that I would have to rate the pattern as tricky, but not out of my league, not even a little. Stockinette in the round – how easy is that? I’ve done some amount of tinking, but generally the hardest challenge is to keep the yarn from getting all tangled when dealing with 3 colors. Mr bought a new toy this week – an adroid phone – so I’ll take a photo of the thing and post it when I get home. This will accomplish 2 things: 1. It will prove that I am indeed making this scarf (Kate keeps referring to it as “My masterpiece.” I like that a lot) and 2. It will further prove that it’s not all that hard to produce.

I’m still working on wretched socks for Barb from Cabaret. I don’t think I’ll be doing another afterthought heel any time soon. It’s not a difficult knit, but the damn things have become my albatross. I want the Knitting Fairy to come along while I sleep and finish them for me.

I’m also making yet another Mason/Dixon baby kimono for a co-worker. There’s going to be a baby shower for her and since it’s such a simple knit-up I figured it would win me big points with my new cube farm residents.

Speaking of the cube farm, the new job is fine. Definitely not my Barbie Dream Job, but I’ve got a retirement account happening once again. Even though it’s a data entry gig it’s not even close to the hell of Revenue. The people are definitely friendlier and the work is more varied. I’m also back in downtown St. Paul within spitting distance of at least 3 coffee shops, my eye doctor, my massage therapist, and last but not least a yarn shop. It’s nice to know there’s an emergency yarn therapy outlet close at hand.

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Accidental No More

I got a job offer. I accepted it. I’m now working full time. Sigh. It seems like only yesterday I was laid off and set adrift when in fact it was almost 2 years to the day. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s a paycheck, it’s health insurance and retirement savings, but I’m certainly not going to feel fulfilled. At least at the Forum I left every day knowing I had helped someone out. This truly depresses me. BUT. There are some truly nice and kind people that I’m now working with and for that I am grateful. None of the bitchy scheming and backbiting that poisoned everything at the Forum. I know I’m a happier and healthier person to not be in that snake pit. See? mixed feelings.

One thing I don’t have mixed feelings about is the awesomeness of this book I spotted at one of the Chinese classrooms I visited:

I have to say, my Minneapolis Public School gig has afforded me so much ironic joy it’s really hard to contain it sometimes. I’m especially happy about the sheep!

Speaking of sheep, my knitting life has been pretty busy. A cupcake hat for a little cupcake (HEY! YOUS! I’M STILL WAITING FOR A RE-SEND OF THE MONKEY HAT AND NOW THE CUPCAKE HAT PHOTOS), a coffee cup cozy for one of the barristas that serves our knitting group so lovingly at the Black Dog, and finally a coffee cozy for myself after I gave all the rest of mine away. I’m also still working on Barbara’s socks. They’ve given me all sorts of trouble, which means I’m now rather annoyed with them and don’t want to work on them anymore. This of course guarantees more problems, so I’m really trying not to knit in anger.

I’m also trying not to SMACK the guy in front of me that keeps snuffling his snot back into his head.  JUST BLOW YOUR FUCKING NOSE DUDE!

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For some reason I have to re-add FB to my blog

Why can’t things work the way I want them to?

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