Back on the Dole

My gig ended last week, so I’m back to being a housewife. I can prove it too, because I washed out the fridge yesterday. I did have an interview/test yesterday for the Dept. of Revenue for a seasonal customer service job. There were at least 150 people at the recruitment event for 30 positions. We’ll see what happens. I have to admit to liking this temp thing. Work a couple of weeks, get some time off so I can work for my friends at the school.

My dirty secret about not working – I play computer games. Lord of the Rings Online to be exact. Essentially I run around and kill things. I also craft. No knitting alas, but I do have a tailor. It’s a lot of fun and it totally keeps me from spending money in the real world. I know it’s really not what you’re supposed to spend your leisure time doing – as a 50 year-old woman, but suck it.

Knitting content: I’m still working on multiple projects: a sweater for my Mr., some left-over yarn leg warmers, a pair of slippers, a pair of socks (of course) and The Rug. I was hoping I would get a photo of young Simon in his monkey hat to post, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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Two long-overdue housewife projects done!

Look at me – I cleaned out our official junk drawer (as opposed to all the other drawers in the house that just happen to be filled with junk). It was a horrible, horrible thing that I’ve been putting off for a long, inexcusable amount of time. The thing that made it so awful was the amount of mouse pellets in the drawer. So gross, so overwhelming, I just refused to deal. Well last night I decided to use the Seal-a-meal on some freezer-bound meat and I thought the manual was in the drawer. I opened it, looked in, started to feel all gaggy and said, “that’s it. I can’t let this go any longer.” I put on some rubber gloves and dug in. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I got a lot of stuff thrown out and used a bleach wipe and enzyme cleaner on it. Now it’s sparkling clean and almost empty. Time to amass more junk!

The second thing I did was I finally sat down on the floor and organized all the plastic containers we’ve collected over 10 years of marriage. For what ever reason, St. Paul doesn’t recycle yogurt containers and the like and I just cannot throw them out unless they are too gross for me to touch (i.e. they’ve been too long in the fridge and there’s now mold in it). As a result we have zillions of these things in all shapes and sizes. I got in there and pulled them all out, separated them according to size, wrangled the lids, wiped down the shelf, and it’s done. Let’s see how long it stays organized.

Oh, yeah. Using the seal-a-meal. I should do it more often since H likes to buy in massive quantities. I don’t think I do it right because we still end up with frost it seems. If anyone has any tips on maximizing sealing power, I’d be happy to hear.

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