Mrs. Negligent here. But this time I have an excuse

NOTHING has been going on, unless you count tending to the sick and out and out hospice care. I had a very sick Mr. yesterday and I’m staying home today to make sure he’s doing ok. Our little Razz is got some horrible wasting disease that’s making him lose protein. We put him on steroids to help him out, but even though it’s doing a great job at bolstering his system, it won’t cure him. We also found out yesterday that Taco Girl has some constipation problem that, in the words of the vet, “constipation can kill a cat.” She’s getting some sort of fiber pill and kitty Dulcolax.

Look! My boy Razz with actual proof that I can knit! Excuse the demon eyes.

Taco back in her sassy days.

Knitting news: All work on the Scarf of Wonder came to a screeching halt as I made yet another baby kimono, a set of coasters for a gift, and some socks for my sister. I’m looking forward to finishing up the socks any time now so I can return to my scarf. So much knitting, so little time!

Work news: Ugh. Boring. Saw an RV with a Mercedes chassis that cost over $100k. See the fish house post for rant about people with too much money to spend on toys.

LOTRO, aka Lord of the Rings Online: I’ve been playing the crap out of this game recently. If you’re not into MMORPG’s you’d never understand, but here are a couple of screen shots and maybe you’ll at least get an appreciation for the artwork that goes into making a game like this:

An Open Hearth Night at the Prancing Pony

There’s a system in game that allows you to write music. The guy with the lute was performing Jim Croce songs and original compositions. It was really cool and I was very impressed by his arrangements. He even had a script set up to post the lyrics in time to the music. There was also an elf who kept doing some sort of dance. For supposedly being an elusive people, they sure like to be the center of attention.

I encountered this little rascal outside the town of Bree:

Hey! Off the table!

If only you could shear sheep and knit in the game. Then I’d have an excuse as to why I’m not getting more knitting (among other things) done in real life.

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Wow. Life got boring when I got a real job

Seriously – Go to work. Come home. Knit a little. Play computer games. Go to bed. That’s pretty much been my life.

I’m sad to report I won’t be selling at art crawl this weekend. I just couldn’t get enough things made in the month or so since Tina invited me. I could have maybe done it, but the 2 – yes only 2 hats I finished both gave me fits and I only finished the 2nd one last night. As per usual I don’t have photos of them to post, but I’ll get to it. The second hat in particular is super cute.

I stopped working on my scarf of dreams to knit for art crawl, so I’m still in the second round. I’ll have a picture of that too.

Job – Meh. It’s way better than revenue, but I’m definitely a cog in a very big machine. The one friend I made is on an “indefinite leave for personnel reasons,” which probably means she was let go for doing something. It’s probably for the best, because I found out that what was making her fun and interesting was actually connected to her being kind of crazy – and not the good crazy. So yes, as per usual, I hook up with the batshit person out of a sea of normal people. I think it must be because I gravitate to people I find interesting only to learn that what I find interesting in others has a dark side. I know I’m crazy too, but it’s a fun crazy. I’m sure there are people reading this that may not agree with this assessment. Feel free to reveal yourselves and call me out. It would make the comments interesting at least.

Computer games – I have 2 games I regularly play – The Sims 3 and Lord of the Rings Online. I was way into my Sims for a couple of months, but the need to kill orcs, wargs and goblins overtook me so I’ve been back in LOTRO. I know I’m really too old for this shit, but I have a theory about how one’s maturity remains elusive if you don’t have kids yourself.

I think part of what draws me to video games is the artwork and my amazement of at what it takes to create games. Say what you like, but these things are beautiful to look at and interacting with and effecting the environment from the other side of a screen is just mind blowing for me. Add to that benchmarks to check progress in skills and abilities, meeting people, crafting objects in the game and playing house (a house you don’t have to clean, mind you) one can find themselves entertained for a good while.

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Back on the Dole

My gig ended last week, so I’m back to being a housewife. I can prove it too, because I washed out the fridge yesterday. I did have an interview/test yesterday for the Dept. of Revenue for a seasonal customer service job. There were at least 150 people at the recruitment event for 30 positions. We’ll see what happens. I have to admit to liking this temp thing. Work a couple of weeks, get some time off so I can work for my friends at the school.

My dirty secret about not working – I play computer games. Lord of the Rings Online to be exact. Essentially I run around and kill things. I also craft. No knitting alas, but I do have a tailor. It’s a lot of fun and it totally keeps me from spending money in the real world. I know it’s really not what you’re supposed to spend your leisure time doing – as a 50 year-old woman, but suck it.

Knitting content: I’m still working on multiple projects: a sweater for my Mr., some left-over yarn leg warmers, a pair of slippers, a pair of socks (of course) and The Rug. I was hoping I would get a photo of young Simon in his monkey hat to post, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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