It seemed like a good answer at the time

I’m sure if they would have changed out of their jammies and put on street clothes, the cops would have bought it.

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Shepard’s Harvest

 I had a great time – scored some local yarn – 600 yds of chunky alpaca tweed, 160 yds of recycled silk, 400 yds of corn yarn (it feels a lot like cotton), and 160 yds of a yak/bamboo blend that I couldn’t resist because it was so SO soft. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the silk or yak/bamboo, but right now I’m just having fun fondling it.

I also ran into one of my most beloved friends from college. We had lost touch over the years, but she’s never far from my heart. It was really thrilling to see her. We’re planning to get together sometime – I hope we can re-establish a relationship. This alone was worth driving out there, spending way too much money and freezing my toes off. 🙂

Of course I have to go and see the animals too. I particularly love the Alpacas and the goats. When I win the lottery…

photo of an alpaca

Such a cutie! I so want one.

I’m having a little trouble posting photos so I have to put at least a sentence between them. Here’s the goat I made my pal:

photo of a goat

He's got that "oh yeah, I just got scratched" bliss face going on.

In other animal news, I took Malla and Razz to get haircuts for the summer. Instead of the Cavalier King Charles that he is, Razz now looks like a beagle puppy, and Malla the Norfolk Terrier, well, Malla just looks (as Mr. puts it) wrong. Here’s a before of Malla:

photo of Malla

A good looking Norfolk

Now she kind of looks like a fat Chihuahua:

photo of Malla and Razz

Oh, the shame!

And here’s a little more accusatory shot:

blurry photo of Malla and Razz

You! You did this to me!

The good news is that Malla is so stupid, she really can’t hold a grudge. I think she can only manage about 10 words, eight of which have to do with food. Kind of like me.

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Sadly, I think it’s the drive, or here are the finished socks

No problem reading the card from the camera in my desktop computer.

Jo Sharp socks finished

displayed to cover the more glaring mistakes.

There’s another photo of them being displayed by my boy Razz, but I couldn’t figure out how to get his eyes to not glow. Instead I give you Frankie with the happiest look I think I’ve ever seen on her face. Behold:

Frankie T. Dog

This was taken on a particularly wonderful dog park romp.

I went to my friend Barb’s Sunday knitting group today and started a pair of Happy Choices socks. You get the yarn in a hand-painted flat and rework it into your socks. It’s fun to watch as the pattern reveals itself as you go. What’s not particularly fun are the size 2 needles. I did however have an easier time starting them, as I learned the wonderful crossover join. With the first and last CO stitches trading places, you don’t fight floppy needles for the first few rows. It was a nice group and I think I’ll make a habit of them. I’ve been very bad about going to my Saturday a.m. knitting group. I just haven’t been able to make myself get up at 6:30 to be there at 7:00. I’m hoping once the sun starts making an ever-earlier appearance, my attendance will improve.

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I just had to share this

This is our cat Taco Girl. Taco is always pretty cranky, but I think we went too far with the elf hat. She looks like she might kill me.

one pissed off cat

"Just wait until you drop off to sleep"

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