Some Random Awesomeness

So I dropped my 2nd gen ipad and cracked the screen. Mr. Whendi did the repair and did a nice job, but sadly there were some dead spots created. I started just peeking at the Micro Center clearance and open box prices for a 3rd gen open box.

One night they had a 64 gig 3rd gen open for $425. Mr. and I drove over to get it, but they couldn’t find it so we left with no ipad. I check again a couple days later and the site is showing another open box for $375 – no charger, but I don’t care because my 2nd gen charger will work just fine. I snap it up online and we head to the store again. It’s about a 20 mile trip one way, and the 2nd time we were going to make it this week, but hey, 64 gig ipad for under $400.

We get there to pick it up and AGAIN they don’t have the advertised item, but since I already put my money down the guy tells me he’ll swap out a new in box for the same price. Wee!

I get home, start to take the plastic off, and notice the dude not only gave me a new ipad, he gave me a new 4th gen. FOURTH GEN TWATWEAZLES. I just about came. Then I noticed it was only 32 gig.

Check out the big ovaries on me: The next day I go back for a 3rd time and tell them what has happened and that I needed 64 gig and now I wanted them to give me a 64 gig 4th gen, and my reason they should do it for me boiled down to because I’m a nice lady and I really really wanted a 64 gig 4th gen.

I just stood there looking like a sweet old lady, smiling and joking with the nice kid from the Apple department. He hunts down the Apple Manager, who then looks at the stock on hand and says, “Ah just give it to her.”

Mr. Whendi could not believe I had the guts to even ask, and now he believes that I am a witch and conjured up some spell to get the guys at MicroCenter to do my bidding.

Moral: MicroCenter in MN rocks my world and has the best customer service ever. Turns out that the inventory function on their (national) website doesn’t work quite right so y’all should keep an eye out if you’re in the market for some real customer satisfaction.

/end cool story

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