I started watching Mad Men and I have yet to find a sympathetic character. It’s not the rampant cheating by the men so much as their personalities. But jeeze that Don Draper is willing to screw any woman that comes along.

Nonetheless, I’m hooked like everyone else and it makes me long for the days when you just smoked where ever you damned well please, including as you were eating! That one really kills me.

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  1. Did you catch the where Draper’s kids go off to play with the plastic dry cleaning bags? And the bar in every office. Now that was freedom.
    Of course the mystery of the whole story is supposed to be in how can Draper be so unhappy while having sex in such generous quantity and variety?

    • There have been many “holy crap” moments like that. One of my favorites was when they were having a lovely picnic in the park and when they got up to leave Betty shook out the blanket and walked away from all their garbage.

      As you can imagine, My mister exclaims “the ’60’s were awesome!,” when anyone does something egregious. He especially likes seeing people smoking while eating.

      All I know is that I grew up in the ’60’s and other than the ubiquitous smoking, It was never like that at my house.

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