A cluttered mind

Whenever I’m not listening to podcasts, I listen to public radio. This means I hear my share of news and factoids. If I find them interesting I write myself a note so I can in turn share whatever tidbit happens to catch my fancy with you, my 12 readers. You’ve seen how much I’ve posted over the last six months, so you can imagine how many little notes I have collected. Lots. Of course I don’t have them here, but I’ll try to remember some and hopefully some of you will have thoughts you’d like to share. Here goes.

1. Dick Cheney got a heart transplant. He’s 71 and waited 21 months. My question is, how many 71 year-olds get put on the transplant list to begin with? How many non-evil crapbags are allowed to jump in line before kids with their whole lives ahead of them? I know the qualification and acquisition guidelines are very complex, but I can’t not believe that Cheney budged.

2. Podcasts rule. I listen to several. I will update my sidebar. Really, there’s a podcast for everything, well except a decent one about knitting. I used to listen to one I enjoyed but the host started to go insane and eventually flaked out. It was kind of interesting to follow her decline, but others may not have the same purulent interest in crazy as I do.

3. I’ve had it with religious zealots and the people who cynically whip them into murderous and hateful frenzies. So mean, so transparent and apparently so easy to do it doesn’t even look like fun. Just fucking stop it and give science a chance.

4. Corollary to no. 4: We’re fighting about the morality of contraceptives again? Really? Margaret Sanger is turning over in her grave.

5. I’m really sorry it took the shooting of Treyvon Martin to get us to have a serious talk about race in this country.

6. My doctor told me she thinks President Boyfriend has had to eat too much shit over the neutering of the health care bill. From what she know of being in the system, she’s certain that the health care cabal put the screws on and we’re possibly lucky to have gotten what we did. Being an amateur conspiracy theorist, I can find some truth in that.

7. Speaking of evil crapbags, the MN legislature is lousy with them. The “right to work” bill? The “defense of marriage” bill? The voter ID bill? Seriously, why do you hate people’s civil rights so much? Wait, I don’t want to know.

8. One more: Why so much self loathing people who buy the bill of goods the evil crapbags are selling? Do you really think that one day you are going to be wealthy so you better start getting things lined up in your favor? What evidence do you have that you’re on your way to the mythical East Side (The Jefferson’s reference)? News flash – it’s not happening and you’re shooting yourself.

And there’s my mind dump. I’ll check for typos later. Right now I’m going to sift through some knitting magazines.

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