Resquiat in Pace

Well, it’s done. Razz is at the Rainbow Bridge no doubt being conned by Tasha, one of our dogs that went before her. We cut it close, but I think we gave him all the time he could comfortably have.

In the 3 short years he blessed us with his company he learned how wonderful life could be. From being a puppy mill breeder kept in a cage with no contact outside of siring more puppies. We watched him blossom before us as he learned how to play, tossing his rawhide in the air, chasing it down and growling at it so it would know who was boss only to toss it again. He learned how to get snorgled and how to give kisses. He learned what home made food tasted like and how to sleep in bed with the whole family.

And we learned that no matter what happens to you in your past, if you learn to appreciate the here and now you’ll find your happiness. We also learned that no matter how shitty a day you might have had in the outside world, there was always someone that would be delighted to see us when we got home.

Thanks for all your well wishes, your prayers, good thoughts and hugs. Razz wanted us to thank you too.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story of love! Razz was one lucky dog.

  2. Our condolences.

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