Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!


This is a block from our house. Almost 24 hours later and nothing has been done.

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Some Random Awesomeness

So I dropped my 2nd gen ipad and cracked the screen. Mr. Whendi did the repair and did a nice job, but sadly there were some dead spots created. I started just peeking at the Micro Center clearance and open box prices for a 3rd gen open box.

One night they had a 64 gig 3rd gen open for $425. Mr. and I drove over to get it, but they couldn’t find it so we left with no ipad. I check again a couple days later and the site is showing another open box for $375 – no charger, but I don’t care because my 2nd gen charger will work just fine. I snap it up online and we head to the store again. It’s about a 20 mile trip one way, and the 2nd time we were going to make it this week, but hey, 64 gig ipad for under $400.

We get there to pick it up and AGAIN they don’t have the advertised item, but since I already put my money down the guy tells me he’ll swap out a new in box for the same price. Wee!

I get home, start to take the plastic off, and notice the dude not only gave me a new ipad, he gave me a new 4th gen. FOURTH GEN TWATWEAZLES. I just about came. Then I noticed it was only 32 gig.

Check out the big ovaries on me: The next day I go back for a 3rd time and tell them what has happened and that I needed 64 gig and now I wanted them to give me a 64 gig 4th gen, and my reason they should do it for me boiled down to because I’m a nice lady and I really really wanted a 64 gig 4th gen.

I just stood there looking like a sweet old lady, smiling and joking with the nice kid from the Apple department. He hunts down the Apple Manager, who then looks at the stock on hand and says, “Ah just give it to her.”

Mr. Whendi could not believe I had the guts to even ask, and now he believes that I am a witch and conjured up some spell to get the guys at MicroCenter to do my bidding.

Moral: MicroCenter in MN rocks my world and has the best customer service ever. Turns out that the inventory function on their (national) website doesn’t work quite right so y’all should keep an eye out if you’re in the market for some real customer satisfaction.

/end cool story

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Where am I supposed to lay down?

Malla, Archer and Frankie in the back.


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Dude, Not Cool

Ever feel like the world is out to get you? Well, that’s overstating things a bit, but I’m pretty pissed about the latest indignity I’ve been made to suffer:

Not only did they take the tires, they took the wheels too. Who fucking does that?

All 4 tires & wheels gone. About 2 weeks after having just put new tires on. Because we’re cheap, we had a $1,000 deductible, but with this and some other damage the whole thing came to $4100. I’ve spent more of my Forum severance pay in the last year than I did in the entire 2 years I was unemployed. The funny thing was, I walked right past my car on the way to the bus stop and didn’t even notice. The neighbor called H and told him about it. I wish I could have gotten a photo of Howard, three of our neighbors and me just standing there staring dumbfounded. Well, fuck. What can you do? Amazingly, the guys from Discount Tire came over to the house in the driving rain and put on the  new tires & wheels so we could get the thing towed to the insurance estimator’s place.

Oh yeah, I started a new job at the state in the IT department. 100% better than data entry. People have brains that they use for something besides complaining. It’s only been 2 weeks, but I think it’s going to work out just fine. I have to say it’s really different to work in a real IT setting than when I was pretending to be the IT at the Forum. Apparently most companies don’t just have a stoolie like me making it up as they go along. They have these things called experience, knowledge and training. Weird.

Now on to Kramer, the foster dog. Kramer had rough time. He was rescued from Georgia, brought up here, had 2 separate knee surgeries, got adopted, needed to get unadopted because it just wasn’t going to work out, and finally ended up here. A nice quiet boy who needed a chance. A chance to bite someone that is. On the first day we had him he bit H. OK, so H was being a little handsy, hugging someone he didn’t really know or have permission to hug, but biting is not an acceptable response. We talked to the rescue people and decided that he just needed a little time to de-stress from the unadopting situation, so we said we would continue on. Day 2 Kramer bit me while I was giving him his meds. Obviously this just wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t so much the biting us; we weren’t afraid of him or unsympathetic, and we may have continued on if it weren’t for our own dogs. We weren’t willing to risk them getting bit.

So we made arrangements for Kramer’s former foster to pick him up. Kramer was thrilled to see Bob and it sounded like the story was going to have a happy ending. Then Bob told us that Kramer had bit him when he was lifting him onto the couch AND he had bit his son and taken a chunk out of his lip. Bob thought he could rehabilitate this poor dog (who when he wasn’t biting, was a very sweet guy), but H and I think he’s probably headed to the Rainbow Bridge.

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I was looking at the list of search terms that have brought people to my little blog and the phrase “housewife boredom” showed up just under “cutest kitty ever.” Somehow I don’t think the searchers of bored housewives were looking for my site, but now I have this little fantasy going in my mind that I’ve turned some dudes looking to get their freak on into knitters and pop culture philosophers.

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I started watching Mad Men and I have yet to find a sympathetic character. It’s not the rampant cheating by the men so much as their personalities. But jeeze that Don Draper is willing to screw any woman that comes along.

Nonetheless, I’m hooked like everyone else and it makes me long for the days when you just smoked where ever you damned well please, including as you were eating! That one really kills me.

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A cluttered mind

Whenever I’m not listening to podcasts, I listen to public radio. This means I hear my share of news and factoids. If I find them interesting I write myself a note so I can in turn share whatever tidbit happens to catch my fancy with you, my 12 readers. You’ve seen how much I’ve posted over the last six months, so you can imagine how many little notes I have collected. Lots. Of course I don’t have them here, but I’ll try to remember some and hopefully some of you will have thoughts you’d like to share. Here goes.

1. Dick Cheney got a heart transplant. He’s 71 and waited 21 months. My question is, how many 71 year-olds get put on the transplant list to begin with? How many non-evil crapbags are allowed to jump in line before kids with their whole lives ahead of them? I know the qualification and acquisition guidelines are very complex, but I can’t not believe that Cheney budged.

2. Podcasts rule. I listen to several. I will update my sidebar. Really, there’s a podcast for everything, well except a decent one about knitting. I used to listen to one I enjoyed but the host started to go insane and eventually flaked out. It was kind of interesting to follow her decline, but others may not have the same purulent interest in crazy as I do.

3. I’ve had it with religious zealots and the people who cynically whip them into murderous and hateful frenzies. So mean, so transparent and apparently so easy to do it doesn’t even look like fun. Just fucking stop it and give science a chance.

4. Corollary to no. 4: We’re fighting about the morality of contraceptives again? Really? Margaret Sanger is turning over in her grave.

5. I’m really sorry it took the shooting of Treyvon Martin to get us to have a serious talk about race in this country.

6. My doctor told me she thinks President Boyfriend has had to eat too much shit over the neutering of the health care bill. From what she know of being in the system, she’s certain that the health care cabal put the screws on and we’re possibly lucky to have gotten what we did. Being an amateur conspiracy theorist, I can find some truth in that.

7. Speaking of evil crapbags, the MN legislature is lousy with them. The “right to work” bill? The “defense of marriage” bill? The voter ID bill? Seriously, why do you hate people’s civil rights so much? Wait, I don’t want to know.

8. One more: Why so much self loathing people who buy the bill of goods the evil crapbags are selling? Do you really think that one day you are going to be wealthy so you better start getting things lined up in your favor? What evidence do you have that you’re on your way to the mythical East Side (The Jefferson’s reference)? News flash – it’s not happening and you’re shooting yourself.

And there’s my mind dump. I’ll check for typos later. Right now I’m going to sift through some knitting magazines.

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From the void

I’m learning how to use my new toy. Yes, I finally got an iPad and I frakking love it. Well, I will love it as soon as I learn all its secrets and magic.

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It Happened Again

Well, after saying goodbye to Razz in the week between giftmas and new year’s, we had to put our beloved Taco Girl down yesterday. We’d had her since she was about 6 months old and at 12 (which I think is young-ish for a cat) her diabetus went out of control and her kidneys shut down.

We knew she had chronic constipation and had been giving her fiber and kitty dulcolax along with her insulin, but it didn’t really help and finally there was just a shitstorm of fail she couldn’t recover from.

We are so sad. Luckily we still have 2 dogs at home to cuddle and to cry on. They are both healthy and happy, but there’s still Razz-shaped and Taco Girl-shaped holes that will probably take even longer to heal.

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Resquiat in Pace

Well, it’s done. Razz is at the Rainbow Bridge no doubt being conned by Tasha, one of our dogs that went before her. We cut it close, but I think we gave him all the time he could comfortably have.

In the 3 short years he blessed us with his company he learned how wonderful life could be. From being a puppy mill breeder kept in a cage with no contact outside of siring more puppies. We watched him blossom before us as he learned how to play, tossing his rawhide in the air, chasing it down and growling at it so it would know who was boss only to toss it again. He learned how to get snorgled and how to give kisses. He learned what home made food tasted like and how to sleep in bed with the whole family.

And we learned that no matter what happens to you in your past, if you learn to appreciate the here and now you’ll find your happiness. We also learned that no matter how shitty a day you might have had in the outside world, there was always someone that would be delighted to see us when we got home.

Thanks for all your well wishes, your prayers, good thoughts and hugs. Razz wanted us to thank you too.

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